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We make injection products for these sectors:
Manufactured objects
Manufactured objects
Manufactured objects
Domestic apparatus
Manufactured objects
Industry in general
Manufactured objects
Railway infrastructure
Manufactured objects
Sewage treatment
Manufactured objects
What we do: Injection
We use the following materials:

NR: Natural polyisoprene.
Properties: Properties: Excellent mechanical strength, maintained over a wide temperature range.
Limitations: Limitations: contact with hydrocarbon solvents, sensitivity to oxidation and attack by ozone.
Applications: Applications: Joints, sections, hoses.

SBR: Styrene butadiene rubber.
Properties: Very good behaviour for mechanical strength. Good abrasion resistance.
Limitations: Contact with hydrocarbon solvents, sensitivity to oxidation and attack by ozone.
Applications: Tyre covers, cable insulation, shoes, transmission belts, hoses, joints and sections.

EPDM: Ethylene-propylene-diene rubber.
Properties: Weather, oxidation and ozone and steam, alkali and acid resistance.
Limitations: Contact with hydrocarbon solvents.
Applications: For door and window seals, radiator hoses, membranes, bellows and cable insulation.

CR: Polychloropropene rubber.
Properties: Mechanical, heat, ozone, hydrocarbon solvent resistance and self extinguishing.
Limitaciones: Its generalist properties and no specific properties except flame resistance.
Applications: General purpose rubber.

NBR: Butadiene-acrylonitrile rubber.
Properties: Resistance to non-polar compounds and aliphatic hydrocarbons.
Limitations: To polar liquids and oxidising compounds.
Applications: Numerous technical articles that have to maintain their elastic and mechanical resistance characteristics after prolonged or permanent contact with hydrocarbon fluids.

AU/EU: Polyurethane rubber.
Properties: Mechanical, ozone and aliphatic hydrocarbon resistance.
Limitations: Sensitive to steam and polyester derivatives.
Applications: In those cases requiring high mechanical resistance.

MVQ: Silicone rubber.
Properties: Wide usable temperature range, electrical insulator, self-extinguishing, gas permeability and physiologically harmless.
Limitations: Acids and bases degrades them.
Applications: Their applications are very varied and extend to all types of sectors.

FKM: Fluorocarbon rubber.
Properties: Outstanding heat and chemical resistance as well as to oils, fuels, lubricants and most mineral acids.
Limitations: Low molecular weight esters and ethers, ketones, certain amines and some acids degrade them.
Applications: Joints, seals, valves etc. for all types of industries.

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